What bow can I start with if I'm a beginner ?

If you are a newcomer to Archery and do not have a current valid archery club membership and you are not a member of Archery GB, you must complete the beginners course. During this course you will one of the clubs recurve bows.

Once you have completed the course and purchased both club and archery gb memberships, you can use any of the 3 bow styles.

What does it cost to be a member?

To be a member of the Black Lion Archery club, you need to be a member of the club, and also be a member of Archery GB

Club membership is currently £50 per year for adults, £25 for children/students/concessions/OAP's.

GNAS, SCAS, KAA fees currently £46 for adult club members and £29.50 for junior members (no other concessions),

I want to get in to archery - shall I buy the kit now?

 No - Part of the beginners course will involve measuring you up for the right equipment, draw weights, arrow shafts, etc. Do not buy any equipment until after you have received proper advise.

When I have completed my training, can I still get help and advice?

There are club reps who can Buddy new members, introduced to coaches and generally show them how the club runs on club sat morning. 


Do I have to wear the club uniform?
Do I need Insurance?

Yes you do need insurance to shoot at the Black Lion Archery Club. Insurance is included in your GNAS, SCAS, KAA fees.